WickedBoys Motorcycle Club


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True Leader of the Wicked Boyz ,Our Friend ,Our Brother,Our Leader Reginald Cassie

Reg ( Heavygunner ) was more then just the leader of the Wicked Boyz , he was a dear friend to us all. Reg was such a passionate man. He loved his family , friends and hockey. Us wicked boyz came from all walks of life , from different states to different countries. Reg built something that has brought all of us strangers together , something we will never forget. We have made so many memories together. Like any family we have had the good , bad and the funny.Reg had a demanding voice and a kick ass personality. But once you got to know him , he was a caring and loving man. He will always be in our hearts. I will always remember him as my leader because i will always be a wicked boy.As we sit here and think of our best friend passing , we all feel a part of us walking besides him. Because wicked boyz know UNITED WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL.


Joey Gillum ( xWBx Joker )

You will always be a big brother to me, You were there for me in my darkest times. You made me laugh when I needed it the most. I will never forget the memories we made on NHL,Call Of Duty, and halo. You always picked us up when were down, and I will never forget that. R.I.P Reg Caissie. Wicked Boyz For life

Justin Clark ( xWBx Zero Cool

My prayers go out to you Joanne Roy and to Scott. Reginald Caissie aka HeavyGunner was my friend, my brother and my leader. He had a very strong personality, very passionate about the things he loved xbox, gaming, hockey and golf. Even though we never met in real life. I knew him better then my own brother. He will be missed. He can never be replaced. He fought a very difficult battle. He will always be in my thoughts. wicked boyz forever xHeavygunnerx R. I. P.

Chris Bowen ( xWBx BTK )

Lost a amazing friend today a men who was like a brother he fought hard and long we will always miss you and you will always be on or minds your spirt will play on forever and my thoughts and prayers go out to his family Scott and joanne you will always be family and we will always be here for you R.I.P my brother Reginald Caissie

Charles Bowen ( xWBx Boomy )

The lord has took a good friend,my buddy a brother to me to heaven today . We had a many of good times together over the last 10 years ruling the gaming world with are brother's the Wicked Boyz. You have had it ruff the last year battling cancer and it finally won. My only regret knowing you is I never got to meet you. May you rest in peace my brother no more pain and suffering. You are now and forever my brother ( WICKED BOYZ 4 LIFE ) ( xWBx HEAVYGUNNER )

Felix Cabrera

 ( xWBx Warrior )

Today is a very dark day for us. We lost our friend , leader and brother. I am still in state of shock. I loved and had a great deal of respect for Reginald. He was a hardass but in a nice way lol. We all built one hell of a family together. Im proud to say im a wicked boy. We made it into something special. Its a brotherhood.The good die young but the wicked live forever. I will always remember you Heavy. Now go give god a hard time