WickedBoys Motorcycle Club


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What we have here is something that goes beyond the limits of just video games. What we have is a Family of gamers. Wicked Boyz look out for Wicked Boyz. We take pride in the title; We work hard to earn it.We trust and respect our fellow members.We base our values on Honor , dignity , honesty , competitiveness ,Respect,and loyalty. We stand by our brothers but all others don't cross us. We ride hard but fight harder. What makes us different than other MC's , is that we aren't trying to imitate an established club. We play by our own rules and own structure. Long Live the Wicked.

Rules of the Club

No Killing a fellow WB while in public matches. Period

No killing a fellow WB in a private game unless 

participating members agree on it

Members are to wear their cut while crew is active.

All members must own an american Motorcycle.

All members must own a four door   

Vehicle ( black with club crew emblem )

Only the wicked Boyz matter. No crew hoping

Try to refrain from trash talking. Your actions speak volumes.

Do not touch a brothers bike without permission.

Members are to state they are in the wickedboyz on xbl profile

please refer to main clan page 

for additional clan rules 

Click here 

If you are interested in prospecting for the MC contact one of our officers or visit our rockstar page, link on the WBMC page

Rules of the Prospects 

All prospects wear a black hoodie or track jackect with prospect patch on back

If on gta , must stick with patched members / wicked boyz before anyone

Listen to patched members

When on GTA Inform patched members you are on

Must have an american bike

Must own a all black 4 door vehicle

During Crew rides prospects will ride in back ahead of road captain

Prospect trial depends all on you and your attitude !


President  Club  - xWBx WARRIOR

Vice president - xWBx NOPHEAR

Sgt.of Arms - Dirkdiggler83

Secretary -  Kwin95

Road captain -  Davegravy16

  1st enforcer  -  xWBx Ganana

       2nd enforcer - zzrz